Turn Your CCTV Cameras Into Specialised
& Capable In-Store AI Assistants

SAI's industry hardened technology and patented computer vision platform gives retailers the tools to enhance customer service while increasing sales and minimising losses.

Protect People

Attacks on retail workers are increasingly common
  • Remove the friction from incident reporting
  • Focus on providing care and support to team members
  • Use timely information to avoid conflicts and flashpoints

Protect Pay Points

Identify and prevent costly checkout losses
  • Automatically identify staff theft & fraud at mainbank tills
  • Prevent customer misscans at self service checkouts
  • Reduce the friction of SSCO interventions

Protect Profits

Rising living costs are causing desperation
  • Quickly address theft attempts before incidents escalate
  • Equip staff to convert potential losses into new sales
  • Use timely information to avoid conflicts and flashpoints
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Our Secret Weapon Against Your Loss

SAI uses Generative AI throughout its systems so that your stores benefit from:

  • Unparalleled Alert Accuracy and High Colleague Confidence
  • Low Time-to-Value and Reduced Losses Store-Wide
  • Fast Coverage of Edge Cases and Unique Behaviours
  • Minimized Energy and Running Costs
  • Natural-Language Video Search Coming 2024

AI That Puts People First

SAI Safe automatically detects, alerts and reports to incidents of aggression and violence in stores. Designed in conjunction with leading retailers to tackle the growing number of incidents against retail workers.

    Immediate Security Alert
  • Automatic Incident Reporting
  • In-Store Announcements
  • Trigger Response Measures

Store Operations at your Fingertips

The SAI Alerts app gives immediate insights into your store operations. Talk to us about how our Retail Efficiency Machine can make your stores more profitable, more productive, and safer for customers and staff.

    Sub-second Theft Alerts
  • Queue Management
  • Gap Scanning
  • Clutter, Breakage and Spill Warnings

Available for iOS and Android devices, including Zebra Mobile Computers.

Service and Security

SAI SelfServe has monitored and secured millions of self service transactions around the world. Our streamlined AI is cost effective and scalable - it's easy to see why it is trusted by the best retailers.

    Quickly Scale Across Your Estate
  • Turn Losses Into Sales
  • Remove Frustrating Interventions
  • Patented Intelligent Protection

Find Out More

Download the SAI Platform Data Sheet to find out how we can integrate our Retail Efficiency Machine into your store estate.

Our Partner Network

Collaboration is the key to success. At SAI we believe in the strength of partnerships.


Worldwide Active Intelligence

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use existing cameras

Use Existing Cameras

Leverage your existing infrastructure and turn any camera, IP-based or analog, into an efficiency sensor.

add intelligence

Add Intelligence

Our platform has only ever seen real in-store data, bringing incredible accuracy and reliability.

improve performance

Improve Performance

Deliver a better in-store experience for customers and colleagues, while increasing profitability.

Global Privacy Compliance

The SAI platform has been built from the ground up on the highest security and data protection principles. Our systems respect privacy while still returning value for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the  SAI  solution work ?

We have developed our platform using Generative AI technique  that areable to visually identify theft attempts, misuse of self service checkouts, and violence and aggression directed towards colleagues.

What are the main benefits ?

We direct attention to loss events in progress, taking out the guesswork, removing human biases, and drastically reducing investigation times.

 Will we need to replace a lot of hardware  ?

No. At SAI, we abhor waste. Our systems are designed to enhance existing investments rather than replace them. Our platform operates with feeds from many existing CCTV system, IP-based and analog. For many applications, our software runs on standard hardware without GPU/TPU acceleration, requiring significantly less power than similar solutions. 

 What is your data privacy position ?

SAI is ISO 27001 certified and operates to the highest security standards. We also take privacy very seriously and operate well within the guidelines for all jurisdictions around the world, including the GDPR & CCPA.

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